Order “Considering Faith” – just $4.99 Kindle Edition

Considering Faith is a collection of 21 essays designed to help readers “get under the surface” of the Bible. The author has been a business practitioner, a seminarian, and remains a lifelong learner. Considering Faith includes essays that are part devotional, part Bible study, part theological survey, and sometimes provocative. These are intended to be used as personal devotional materials, conversation starters for small groups, or sermon fodder.

Considering Faith is currently available only in Kindle format and can be ORDERED HERE: just $4.99 (100 pages)

Thank you for your order and your support of Eden’s Bridge ministry.


Introduction. 4

Anxious for Mercy. 6

Body and Blood. 10

Bring It! 14

Build Upon. 18

Empathy. 22

Entering In. 26

Faith, Hope, and Love. 30

Floating Iron. 33

Focus 37

Justice and Righteousness 41

Kingdom Reality. 48

Love: Between Yes and Amen. 53

Mysterious Religion. 56

The Name of God. 60

On Authority. 64

On Holiness 69

Prepare for War 73

Progressive Revelation. 77

Raphah. 82

Signage. 89

The Pursuit of Godly Knowledge. 93

About the Author and Eden’s Bridge. 101

– Dave

3 responses to “Order “Considering Faith” – just $4.99 Kindle Edition

  1. Rev. Dr. E. Lauraine Acey

    Will this become available for purchase in hard copy format?

  2. Rev. Dr. E. Lauraine Acey

    Will Considering Faith become available in a hard copy format anytime soon?

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