Business-as-Mission (BAM) Think Tank Reports

This page will be updated on the fly to list the reports issued from the Global BAM Think Tank. In all there are to be thirty reports. Click on the report name to link to the BAM Think Tank to read online or download the report (.pdf format). I apologize that I have put these out there in a mixed up order but I missed one.

#1 – Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done… In Business: Biblical Foundations for Business as Mission”

#2 – “BAM and the End of Poverty: BAM at the Base of the Pyramid”

#3 – “A Business Takeover: Combating the Business of the Sex Trade with Business as Mission”

#4 – “Business as Mission Franchising: Replicating Proven Businesses”

#5 – “A Dangerous Calling: The Challenge of Business as Mission in Hostile Environments”

#6 – “Business as Mission  and Church Planting: Fruitful Practices for Establishing Faith Communities” 

#7 – “Business as Mission in Mongolia: BAM Think Tank Regional Group Report”

#8 – “Business as Mission: A Viking Challenge”

#9 – “Laboring in the Dark: Business in Iran: BAM Think Tank Iran Regional Group Report”

#10 – “Business as Mission in Haiti: Case Studies and Insights from Business as Ministry at the Base of the Pyramid

#11 – “Business as Mission  In and From China: Regional Group Report”


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