What are the Pressing Questions on Integrating Faith and Economics?

As I continue researching the integration of faith and ethics, I am faced with a complexity of issues and activities on the fronts of morality (determinative of motivations and informing ethics), ethics (as the outworking of morality, i.e., what is or is not appropriate behavior), diversity (both the broad range of activities and in theological explanations), and so on.

But, I am most curious about what marketplace Christians perceive to be the most pressing questions pertaining to their understanding of why and how we experience or pursue the integration of our Christian faith and our economic activity, whether in employment, in mission / missions, personal and corporate spending and investment patterns, etc.

Most of us recognize this is an important topic, especially given the globalizing of economics and the volatility of economic instability and economic injustice.

So, I throw the conversation open and ask: What are the pressing questions on integrating faith and economics?

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