A Prayer Poem: The Eyes of God

When I gaze into Your eyes,

I see the calm depths of the deepest oceans and to the heights of the glorious stars above.

Your eyes, the window to the very soul of God . . .

I search to see You into the depth of your heart.

The joy of being with You, Lord,

A friend to walk and laugh, to talk and cry, to care beyond all others.

Thank you, Immanuel, God with us,

Just to be together, a Friend, hearts-bound for all eternity.

Jesus, let me look into Your eyes. Amen.


Filed under Devotionals & Meditations

5 responses to “A Prayer Poem: The Eyes of God

  1. Dave

    Good reminder to be with the Lord and not just serve the Lord. Thanks.

  2. Donna

    awesome, beautiful poem

  3. Timothy

    In faith blessed

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