Next Phase of Research

I am announcing to the world that I am “officially” launching my quest to write a doctoral dissertation. I am particularly interested in the topic of mobilizing marketplace Christians for advancing the Kingdom of God through the business and mission movement. Right now I am “chasing” my thesis.

I am interested in the various perspectives on mobilization from mission agencies and conventional missions practitioners, Western pastors who want to empower their people interested in business and mission, marketplace Christians with lagging knowledge of what is happening and how they can be involved, and so on.

The best way to help me right now is to pose questions that come to mind as you think of this movement from your particular perspective. I wish I could be less vague about what it is I am asking but that is the nature of a discovery quest…I am not sure exactly what I am looking for but will know it when I find it.

Please join me in this conversation. I believe the marketplace will play a leading role in the spread of Christianity in the coming decades and will experience  incredible transformation from the inside out as we seek to know and follow Christ as we go to work.


Dave Doty


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5 responses to “Next Phase of Research

  1. Hi David, congratulations on your quest! I’ve been there myself as well and know the challenges you will be facing. You are wise to seek out a broad spectrum of responses in order to assist you to zero in on your research agenda. It would be helpful for me to know what type of doctorate this is, for example a Ph.D., D.Min, or some other derivative of doctoral work?

  2. Michelle Edmonds

    Based on your answer to Mr. Walz:

    Missions solve a social problems. As an applicant, they will ask about your background in mission work. If you are already enrolled and just starting to write the dissertation, (not sure because you stated “I will be pursuing”…and then, “hopefully through Oxford”), then I would suggest that you start with a variation of this question: What are implications of “mission” work for churches in the U.S? What does “mission” work look like in the US?

    1. Explore Social Enterprise -start w/ Prof. Yunus, nobel laureate @

    2. Look at this slide share on establishing social business ventures in churches

    Great subject; as you can see I love any variation of the topic.

    • Hi, Michelle.

      I have already drilled down quite a lot in the area of business and mission having already concluded nine years research. I will post a problem statement in the next few days that might give more insight into where I think I am headed with this. I have been aware of Prof. Yunus and social venture for some time. The questions you offered, however, are much too broad for a dissertation. Those topics could fill volumes and one problem I have is I tend to be too “big picture” the way it is!

      I do need to think about the various ways in which the church can serve in business and mission initiatives, which includes domestic projects and starting social ventures. Thanks for spurring me on in my thinking.


      • Hi Dave,

        I am really excited about your upcoming dissertation based upon this area of research. Original research in this area will go far towards helping better define the point of intersection between the Church, business, and mission strategies. My Ph.D. is in the area of Organizational Psychology, where I chose a grounded theory approach examined the mission strategies of Bruce Olson whose work resulted in establishing many market cooperatives in the jungles of Venezuela and Colombia, 17 tribes coming to the Lord, and a complete invigoration of their socio-economic environment. You are absolutely correct in trying to narrow your research interests down to something manageable. This, for me, was one of the most difficult tasks. Blessings on your journey!

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