Seeking Professional Input

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I am at a transitional point in my career. I am very interested in the business as mission movement (including domestic urban and rural redevelopment) and have written a book (Eden’s Bridge: The Marketplace in Creation and Mission) on the topic of the integration of Christian faith and economics (Wipf & Stock Publishers – January, 2012, available in print or Kindle from

I have a long history of small business ownership, development, and management (nearly thirty years) and received a seminary degree in evangelism and mission in 2006. I have also worked in cooperatives and academic settings. I am looking to put the complementary experiences of those tracks of my life to work to serve building the Kingdom of God through marketplace mission.

I invite your input as to how I might put myself to work to serve those ends, and how I might serve your ministry through consultation, research, strategic planning, outreach (in a marketing sense), and so on. I welcome requests for freelance consulting and am interested in telecommuting opportunities in business ministry pursuits (as I am based semi-permanently in Atlanta, GA). I have intentionally studied across a broad spectrum of disciplines in my lifetime with particular focus on organizational development and business planning, leadership development (especially in biblical context), creative marketing (fledgling businesses must use guerilla tactics!), and Christian ethics.

Let me know your thoughts, especially how I might utilize the broad range of professional skills I have developed (which can be seen in my LinkedIn profile). Also, please feel free to review my blog at and provide feedback.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts or advice.

David B. Doty


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5 responses to “Seeking Professional Input

  1. Great to read of you stepping out of the boat. But then again, it sounds like you’ve had a lifetime of those experiences.

    Believing in what God tells you about who you are in Him is the first step. With that step done, you are free to work any and every pursuit–and expect victory.

    We need what you have, so thanks for giving it.


  2. David, I think you are part of a move the Lord is initiating in our day. I am on a similar path, coming from the pastorate into the marketplace. Like all new things the Lord does, it does not as yet appear what it shall be. But have confidence brother that He who began this good work in us and through us, will complete it. I look forward to seeing what He does with you and Eden’s Bridge. I will pray too.

    • Thank you, Carl, for your encouraging words. Spending my days poring over web sites and books and trying to think and write about these things can become tedious. You, along with others, help me stay motivated to “seek first the Kingdom of God.”

  3. John Michael

    Hello David, I just sent you a message from BMTT – hope you saw it. Have a blessed day, John Michael

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