Marketplace Theology Webinars

David Doty, Founder and Executive Director of Eden’s Bridge, Inc., will present a four-part webinar series entitled “Building a Marketplace Theology: From Conception to Execution of an Evangelistic Marketplace Practicum” via the Acton Institute’s AU (Acton University) Online in late January (visit for registration details). Anticipated beginning date is during week of January 21 with two lectures weekly for two weeks.

The series consists of four one hour interactive lectures following a construction analogy and is largely based on the speaker’s book, Eden’s Bridge: The Marketplace in Creation and Mission, and material developed subsequent to its publication.

The purpose of this course is to broaden and deepen the current theological discussion surrounding the role of the marketplace in the Kingdom of God and the redemptive process of God’s mission (missio Dei) in the world. We hope to move toward empowering and actualizing the whole Church for Kingdom advancement through marketplace mechanisms.

Lecture 1: Laying Foundations for Solid Footing

To include a review of key economic elements within the creation narrative of Genesis 1-2, exploring economic superstructures, and linking the overall topic to major theological themes (eschatology, teleology, soteriology, ecclesiology, and redemption).

Lecture 2: Framing Kingdom Walls

An exploration of key economic and biblical language and concepts as defining (and constraining) elements of the discussion, including the importance of economic language, how we define business and the marketplace, and the relevance of particular biblical Hebrew and Greek terms (radah, abad, shamar, ezer, shama, oikonomos, pais and diakonos, doulos, mishpat, tsedeq, and shalom).

Lecture 3: Finish Work for a Productive Environment

An additional exploration of relevant economic, biblical, and theological concepts including the glory and character of God, the meaning of sacrament, stewardship, the tension between competition and cooperation and collaboration, a redemptive view of the future, and the recovery of wealth gone awry.

Lecture 4: Occupancy and Getting Down to Work

Considerations of broadening the view of what it means to evangelize, understanding a “hierarchy of needs” in redeeming business (especially in business-as-mission outreach), how our works reveal (glorify) God, and a handful of undermining attitudes and practices to overcome.

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