(2.1) From the Publisher’s Desk…

Dear Readers –

I am more excited by this second issue of Exchange than I could have imagined. The diversity of voices to be heard astound me with their poignancy and passion. The Feature Articles come from two whose hearts are committed to incarnational ministry and deeply in love with all God’s children. Others articles flow from many years of study, practice, and even exploratory work in biblical ethics. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.

As I pursue the calling of my own ministry as an information arbitrageur (ala Thomas Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree) in God’s marketplace movement, I am moved to encourage everyone involved – entrepreneur, scholar, and missions practitioner – to embrace a broader scope of meaning than isolating themselves to one particular arena of concern. Tentmaking, coaching and mentoring, business as mission, workplace and workforce ministries: these all are deeply intertwined in the same movement, philosophies, and practices under the umbrella of Marketplace Ministries (MPM).

I am convinced that if we hear only according to the narrowness of our own immediate concerns or discipline within this movement, we will miss how God is speaking to universal meaning of the marketplace in creation and mission. The marketplace, as we commonly share, is THE universal institution in human experience, linking us all as one vibrant organism and, at the same time, operating at the most fundamental levels of human existence in supplying our need of food, clothing, and shelter.

The fundamental element of the divine image is mutuality, engendering perfect cooperation and collaboration. The division of labor presents not just the opportunity for material prosperity but the opportunity to practice holiness as we perform every exchange for the benefit of all and most especially for the revelation of God’s glory.


Dave Doty

Eden’s Bridge

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