The central aim of “Exchange: The Journal of Mission and Markets” is to give voice to a broad audience of academics, practitioners, mission and ministry agencies, and theorists in all areas of marketplace ministries, e.g., where Christian faith practically integrates with business practice.

“Exchange” requests papers including profiles of individuals, organizations, programs, business starts, or initiatives, biblical and theological scholarship, business and ministry models, and so on within one or more of the following categories and models of Marketplace Ministries (MPM) or related topics:


Business as mission (BAM)


Workplace discipleship

Business leadership development (discipleship)

Personal financial stewardship

Workforce development

Enterprise coaching and mentorinG

Business for mission

Community development

Educational organizations (including schools and think tanks)

Christian business ethics

Theology of Work, Stewardship, or Business

Biblical issues studies related to business

Faith and marketplace events

Articles related to issues that cannot fit under these headings will be considered for relevance on a case-by-case basis. Writers should also review Exchange Writers’ Guidelinesh and peruse pervious issues on the web site.

Deadline for proposal submission is Wednesday, April 3. Articles are due by Wednesday, April 17 for Exchange, Vol. 2. No. 2. to be published by May 3. Authors are not paid for submissions.

Send proposals to:

Dave Doty c/o Eden’s Bridge, Inc.






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4 responses to “REQUEST FOR PAPERS

  1. David:
    Please send out this request again in the future. I’d love to contribute but am currently just too swamped! I pray God will bless your ministry richly.
    Chris Kirby
    PCT Solutions, Inc.

  2. coachlavonyajones

    Reblogged this on Coach Lavonya Jones and commented:
    Eden’s Bridge is requesting papers in the business as missions and marketplace ministry categories. Please see the details in the attached blog for submission. Submission proposals are due by April 3!

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