BAM Think Tank Report #3 – Business as Mission in Mongolia

Business as Mission in Mongolia
BAM Think Tank Regional Group Report

The third report released by the Global Business-as-Mission Think Tank is available here.

“The purpose of the BAM Think Tank Mongolia Regional Group is to review the opportunities for BAM work in Mongolia and make projections regarding future possibilities, so that current and future BAM entrepreneurs and ventures may be more successful.”

– from the Introduction.


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2 responses to “BAM Think Tank Report #3 – Business as Mission in Mongolia

  1. Since my days in Bible college, I’ve been interested in taking the Gospel to Mongolia. I last visited Mongolia in 2002 and 96 people were saved! However, there wasn’t a church for them to get plugged into.

    • George – That is, obviously, a deep and worthy concern. I would think, though, that even where there is no local church (which is true in many places), God is able to raise one up in time. If God is still tugging on your heart for Mongolia…GO!


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