Think Tank Report – “A Dangerous Calling: The Challenge of Business as Mission in Hostile Environments”

A Dangerous Calling: The Challenge of Business as Mission in Hostile Environments

Download report here.

[I apologize that numbering these has gotten out of whack but I apparently missed one when it first came out. This is the eighth report available as of 12/20/13. – D. Doty]

From the Executive Summary

Challenge, risk and opportunity! Managing a business as mission (BAM) venture in a hostile environment presents the entrepreneur with a unique task. Not only is there the day-to-day task of ensuring the company is safeguarded against all the known risks, but there is also the constant need to look beyond the horizon to see those emerging threats that could bring down the business.


The discussion in this report
addresses the interdependent relationships between BAM ventures and their hostile


Good stewardship should motivate us to safeguard the assets and talents with which God has
entrusted us. However, as stewards called to mission, we choose to expose ourselves and
our BAM venture to a variety of hostile conditions and volatility that may threaten our
success. The challenge for BAM practitioners (BAMers) is to understand and cope with
multiple risks within a hostile environment that vary both in their nature and intensity level.

The goal of this report is to engage BAM entrepreneurs in a discussion on how to improve
skills for anticipating and managing these risks.

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