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I had a request the other day about BAM resources. Following was my reply. These are only a very small portion of the resources I have accumulated but offer a pretty good overview.

Here are some titles and links that I would recommend. It should talk you longer than you have to investigate all of these thoroughly. I would advise starting with the video of Rudy Carrasco at Rudy is one of the directors of Partners Worldwide, is active in the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) where I first met him, and is active with the Acton Institute and will be speaking at the Acton University conference (which I be attending next week).

God is at Work – Ken Eldred – business as missions foundations, including key models
Business as Mission – C. Neal Johnson – the BAM textbook, so to speak (comprehensive)
Business as Mission – Michael Baer – a foundational text on BAM values
Bridging the Gap – Bruce Bradshaw – connecting evangelism and BAM
Eden’s Bridge – David Doty (HEY! That’s me!) – theology of the marketplace – BAM initiative and organizational (partners links) of the Acton Institute – Acton Institute – think tank, integration of faith and economics – BAM links and organizations – YWAM, Youth with a Mission is one of the most progressive missions organizations in BAM – a very sophisticated missions organization that is highly focused on BAM – one year global BAM think tank of the Lausanne Committee – Christian Community Development Association, predominantly focused on domestic inner city redevelopment but starting to go global

Let me know any questions or thoughts that you have. I love to talk about the integration of our faith and economics, and especially BAM.


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2 responses to “BAM Resources

  1. Dee

    So, happy to have found this site through LinkedIn! I have been trying to encourage other believers to seek God on whether or not He would have them to start a business. I believe that God would have us to have more of an influence in the market place. We must let go of fear and apathy and allow God to move and use us for His eternal purpose. God bless you and the ministry God has called you to.

    • Thank you, Dee, for your kind words. Your response, along with a few others, compels me to expand this list of resources. Watch for it to be updated in the days ahead. I have a rather extensive bibliography and it is growing all the time! My intent all along is to create a resource center and to foster conversation and connection in the church to encourage the evangelistic power of the marketplace.

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