Prayer Request: Crossing a Bridge

I will be formally launching (incorporating) Eden’s Bridge Ministry in the coming months. Partnering with Poverty Cure (an Acton Institute business as mission initiative) and working with the the Lausanne BAM Think Tank (with Rudy Carrasco of Partners Worldwide and the Christian Community Development Association) for the coming year to compile data and generate reports on North American Kingdom companies and BAM ministries.

Eden’s Bridge will be focused as an information brokerage and BAM mobilization ministry to help network and serve the multitude of ministries and businesses seeking to advance the Kingdom of God through marketplace relationships, and providing educational materials and resources on BAM to the church at-large. I would welcome any opportunity to speak on the theology of the marketplace, business as mission, and engagement opportunities for marketplace Christians to help this movement forward.

Particular prayer needs are for financial support, travel provision and mercies, and volunteer web site hosting and development expertise. Busy, busy! all to the glory of God.

Stay tuned for developing news!


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8 responses to “Prayer Request: Crossing a Bridge

  1. Praise God! May He bless your efforts as He says, “one will put one thousand to flight, and two, ten thousand.” May it be so in your results.


  2. Sherry Brown

    Hi Dave, God bless you & be with you in every step you take for the advancement of the kingdom.

    • Thanks, Sherry. I think we are living in very exciting times as God’s movement in the marketplace is like a snowball rolling down a mountain, gaining speed and substance as it goes.

      • Sherry Brown

        Dave can you just guide me in setting up market place ministry, we are looking in what areas we can involve in indian geography, considering todays, business scenario.

      • Sherry – Partners Worldwide ( would be a much better resource than I would. They already have some marketplace ministries in India and will understand the context better than I could. I would suggest contacting them.

  3. Hi, My name is Daniel Berman and I am a TV series creator, producer/director, DP, editor, photographer and founder of the Mobile Photo Awards.
    Enjoy reading your post! Keep on doing good!

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